Individual Social Welfare Issue And Policy Practice

Individual Social Welfare Issue And Policy Practice
Assignment I: Individual Social Welfare Issue and Policy Practice paper
Due March 5th before 11:59 pm
Each student will write a paper to discuss the interdependent aspects of social welfare policy issues and social work policy practice. The paper should be 5-6 pages, not including the references and correctly formatted title page. Students are expected to provide at least three peer-reviewed sources per page (standard in academic writing) and to omit direct quotes by either paraphrasing or summarizing them. Please study the rubric to understand that this paper is about how social work policies influence social work practice and how social work practice influences social welfare policies. These are the interdependent aspects of our profession, along with social work values and roles.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL ABOUT THE TERMINOLOGY YOU USE IN THIS PAPER – there is no such thing as social work policies so please do not use this phrase. There are social policies and social welfare policies and you are asked to first discuss and define social welfare policies (which you may do by comparing and contrasting social welfare policies with social policies).
If you incorporate the rubric questions and reword them into appropriate APA headings, you will do well in this paper. You should not be researching or providing a lot of information about the social welfare policy (law, program, service, or agency) that you are discussing. Instead, follow the assignment instructions and the rubric to discuss your understanding of how the policy might serve as a platform for understanding how policy and practice impact each other.
Notice also that you are asked to discuss at least three social work values and roles, neither of which can you do well without referring to the National Association of Social Work’s (NASWs) Code of Ethics (NASW, 2008).
Next, you are expected to provide a critical response to what you have learned (review the discussion board video announcement posted on January 21st to understand what this means).
Finally, this paper is expected to include a comprehensive and well-written conclusion and to comply with APA 7th edition writing guidelines.
Rubric in order to receive full credit
Proficiently defined and described the term social welfare policy
Proficiently discussed at least 3 aspects of the field of social work
Proficiently discussed and identified ways in which social welfare policy impacts the field of social work
Proficiently discussed and identified ways in which the field of social work can impact social welfare policy.
Proficiently reflects student’s critical thinking on the topic
Proficiently provides a well-structured and written conclusion
Well written and organized, no spelling/grammatical errors, headings clearly identify the topic.
Proficiently adheres to APA formatting; in-text citations is correct; title and references pages formatted correctly

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