Information Coordinator Vs Programmer Analyst Research Paper

Information Coordinator Vs Programmer Analyst Research Paper

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Here is the topic that the paper needs to address:
Lisa  Jameson has two job offers. One is from Pembroke Boats, a boat  manufacturer that employs 200 people in a small Ohio town. Pembroke does  not have an IT department and wants her to create one. The job position  is called information coordinator, but she would be the only IT person.The other offer, which pays about $7,500 more annually, is from Albemarle Express, a nationwide trucking firm located in Detroit. At Albemarle  Express, Lisa would be a programmer-analyst, with the promise that if  she does well in her position, she eventually will move into a systems  analyst position and work on new systems development. Lisa has heard a rumor that another company might acquire Albemarle Express, but that rumor has occurred before and nothing has ever happened. What should Lisa do, and why?

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