Information Security Architecture Balanced Potfolio

Information Security Architecture Balanced Potfolio
Part 1: 500 words
Provide your thoughts and understanding of requirements: 1. Who consumes requirements? 2. Getting security requirements implemented. 3. Why do good requirements go bad?
Part2: 600 words attached midterm assignment for reference.
Your midterm project was to provide a security assessment for [X], an online software company that specialize in selling ad spaces in their parent company’s magazine. [X] manages an online database that allows their customers to upload and pay for their business ads for magazine placement. Because [X] ‘s database needs to connect to the parent company’s database, the parent company has requested that [X] system be assessed and verified as secure.
Now that you have provided your security assessment, the next step is to provide [X] with your Security Portfolio. Using this week’s Reading on the NIST framework that includes the 5-step process for creating a balanced portfolio of security products, your assignment will be to create a Security Portfolio with the following sections:
(Note: [X] can be any company and any line of business)
1. Cover Page (i.e., APA title page)
2. Background (provide a synopsis your midterm security assessment on Vestige)
3. For each security need identified (or needs to be identified) from your Midterm Assignment, Find the products that will deliver the needed capabilities for the right price, and tell why you chose that product. Diagram Description automatically generated
Mid Term As
Running Head: Security Architecture

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