Initial Public Offerings Presentation

Create a 12-15 slide Microsoft Powerpoint presentation in which you will describe an for Dell (Privately Held) a global firm. Include the following:
1. The role of the investment banker and underwriter.
2. The role of an originating house and a syndicate
3. An explanation of the pricing of the issue.
4. A discussion of some of the risks involved in the public offering and how the with them (include strengths and weaknesses).
5. A discussion of any the company can face with your ideas about how to mitigate them.
-Support your work with three scholarly references.
-Provide detailed speakers notes.
-APA format for power point presentation
-cite all sources
-Include Title slide, intro slide, overview slide, material slides (8-10 slides), conclusion slide, summary slide, and reference slide.
-Include photos and graphs where possible to illustrate presentation.
See for guidelines for presentation.

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