International economical and political environment.

International economical and political environment.
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infrastructure, including enterprise storage and server technology, networking products and resources, and software that optimizes business technology investments. personal computing and other access devices, and imaging and printing-related products and services (HP, 2010a).
International economical and political environment.
It has currently gone through a significant management reshuffling at the top level (Business Week, 2010), which has courted several controversies putting the company in a tight spot over a range of critical issues and serious concerns have been raised on various aspects of management ranging from sustaining the current market position to expanding and diversifying its portfolio. The change in the top level management i.e. the internal environment coupled with the changes in external environment are posing fresh challenges to the technology giant, which are discussed in the following section.
International economical and political environment.
Currently HP faces stringent competition from its rivals such as Dell, Oracle and IBM who are competing for a greater market share. Dell and HP are fierce rivals in the hardware segment while Oracle continues to give tough competition in the software division. Moreover, the rapidly changing technological environment is posing newer challenges. The market for HP’s products is changing drastically in tandem with the rapidly changing consumer taste and preferences. According to Robin Purohit – the General Manger and Vice President of HP’s software products:
Moreover, HP is steadily entering into the software business which has strong rivals such as Oracle. HP has a large portfolio of products, primarily dealing in hardware and such a transformation might affect its profitability in other stronger segments of its business. While Oracle on the other hand, has a strong business presence in the market especially in the software segment.
International economical and political environment.
Furthermore, there is a significant rise in the Asian PC markets which is eating away the market share of top firms. Although HP continues to lead this market segment,

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