Interval Recording Log of the frequency of the challenging behavior prior to intervention.

Hi, I am attaching a summary of a child who is mathew , and an interview that I had with the mom. Based on that information, For this assignment you are first required to become familiar with the challenging behavior, through identifying and tracking it with 4 different behavior assessment methods. These assessments will help you develop your FBA. ? The behavior assessments required are: ? Motivation Assessment Scale ? Functional Behavior Assessment Interview with a teacher ? PTR Functional Behavior Assessment Checklist ? Antecedent Behavior Consequence Chart In addition, you must include a Scatter Plot or Interval Recording Log of the frequency of the challenging behavior prior to intervention. You will write a 3–4-page FBA based on: your observations, students records, parent interview, and the data derived from the behavioral assessments. The FBA should define the behavior that is of concern in clear, observable terms. Your FBA should consist of the following: ? A paragraph summarizing the child’s family background (as learned in assignment 1 i attached assigment 1), any identified exceptionalities and/or medical concerns, school behavioral concerns, and academic progress. ? One paragraph clearly stating the behavior targeted for remediation in clear, observable, and measurable terms. ? One paragraph summarizing the results from the 3 behavioral assessments (excluding the interview). ? One paragraph summarizing what you have learned from the FBA interview with the teacher. ? One paragraph providing a rationale for your identification of the behavior as that is supported by your data and observations. ? One or two paragraphs of a description of the context for the problem behavior (like: age of onset, how it is manifested etc.), and what seems to trigger the behavior, in addition to the different ways in which it is manifested (supported by your data). Include the consequence of the behavior. A summary of the frequency of occurrence, including day, time, and place when the behavior is most likely to occur (supported by your data). A copy of the completed behavior assessments should be submitted with your FBA. I am attaching the test please fill out all the tests. I am attaching a sample paper do not copy it.’ I also attached the child information which is mathew and interview use the child information to do the assessments and write the paper. thank you

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