Is It Time to Outsource Outbound Logistics Services?

Review the attached case, Make or Buy, linked from the Hunt Library and perform your analysis of the case. Case Prim, A. (2018). Rafiki’s Make-or-Buy Dilemma: Is It Time to Outsource Outbound Logistics Services?. SAGE Publications. (Hunt Library) (Links to an external site.) Your analysis should follow the SCM Case Analysis Guide, be between 4-5 pages, excluding the cover page, and formatted in APA style. Follow the requirements in the nine steps as specified in the SCM Case Analysis Guide (also attached). Be sure to examine the rubric to identify specific grading criteria. To analyze the case properly, you must focus on both the issues faced by and the environment surrounding the organization featured in the case. This process, an applied form of the scientific method, will also contribute to your development of important personal analytical and business writing skills.

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