Jetblue Airlines Summary of Case

 Barger, previously president and COO of JetBlue, was named the airline’s CEO.
JetBlue’s board promoted Barger to the CEO role in the wake of a highly publicized operational crisis in February that led to the cancellation of over 1,100 JetBlue flights and adversely affected the travel plans of thousands of passengers. Though numerous interviews and meetings during the past day allowed Barger to outline his vision for the airline, he realized that he needed to move quickly in implementing that vision to maintain the confidence of customers, employees, and shareholders.
Just a few miles outside Barger’s window was John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) Airport, whereJetBlue began operations as a low-cost carrier (LCC) in 2000 and, by the…show more content…Attracting passengers who would have otherwise traveled by car or bus, Southwest was able to maintain high levels of plane utilization, thereby keeping its operating costs low enough to support its discounted fares. 
A key component of Southwest’s ability to manage costs was its reliance on a single type of plane—the Boeing 737. * Over time, Southwest’s ground and flight personnel became very familiar with the 737; this decreased the airline’s average turnaround time between landing a plane and putting it back into the air. * This efficiency, combined with the shrewd use of fuel hedges, buoyed Southwest’s profits.
* Attempts by competitors to mimic Southwest’s LCC model typically were unsuccessful, as demonstrated by the infamous rise and fall of no-frills People Express Airlines during the 1980s and the short-lived attempts of several major airlines—including Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines—to create LCC subsidiaries during the 1990s. 
By 2006, Southwest was firmly established as the only consistently profitable airline in an industry rocked by deregulation, fare wars, overcapacity, and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. 
Specifically, Southwest wa

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