journal 5

After completing the weekly readings, provide a thorough response in your own words to the weekly questions posted below. Please make sure you submit a one-word document with all your answers. A minimum of 550 words and a maximum of 700 words (font size 12, single-spaced) are required for each complete assignment. Please follow APA format in your work. Please remember to include one or two sentences identifying the habits of mind  (Links to an external site.)you have used to promote the reflection of the readings.
1. In chapter 1, Ravitch makes the case that the improvement of curriculum and instruction is more effective in improving the quality of schooling than a change in structure and governance, such as school choice and accountability measures. As you reflect on your own experiences as an educator, to what extent do you agree with the author? Explain your evidence and reasoning. Which position do you think is more apt to be held by the public and why?
2. Chapter 2 explains how reform via standards gave way to reform via testing. On page 16, Diane Ravitch asserts her belief that tests should follow curriculum rather than determine it. Discuss how the debate over the content standards for history facilitated the movement from standards to testing. In an era of standards-based instruction, how is daily teaching informed? How does the content taught change when accountability testing is included? 
The Politics of American Education,
Chapters 2, 3, and 5

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