Juneteenth The National Birthdays

Juneteenth The National Birthdays
a 4 page essay
with two parts
For Fourth of July/Juneteenth,
a) using our assigned readings/videos
on these two holidays, engage the question of how a nation’s “birthday” can be
problematic. What is left our of our typical celebration of 4th of
July? Why the push to make Juneteenth a national holiday too? How have racial
minorities navigated the paradoxes of 4th of July (or how do ALL of
us navigate that…)? Citing key terms from the class readings, create a 3 pg
analytical essay. You may bring in your own examples of 4th/Juneteenth
celebrations to demonstrate your argument.
b) for our creative elements, write
an additional 1 page that either interviews family members about their
knowledge of Juneteenth, researches your state or hometown’s celebrations of
Juneteenth (this past year or farther back in history) or research how another
nation has a complex “birthday” holiday.
Analysis essay:
link to Aveni and BB resources about history of your holiday (cite pg

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