Kill_kapture case analysis | Marketing homework help

You are required to provide a written analysis of one case study – Kill_Kapture. The answers to the case study analysis are to be typed (single line spacing), minimum of 1000 words plus any appendices and a reference list (Chicago referencing). Provide answers to the following:
1) Identify the demographic characteristics of the target market for Kill_Kapture. 

– Define market segmentation.
– Define target market.
– What is/are the bases for segmentation (esp. demographics).
– Research on who are the target market of Kill_Kapture (support with market segmentation and demographic sector journals).

2) In psychographics segmentation of the target market for the Kill_Kapture brand, how does the concept of self-orientation apply?

– Define psychographic segmentation, psychographic characteristics (buying behaviour using VALS 2 – actualisers, fulfillers, achievers, experiencers, believers, strivers, makers and strugglers).
– Research and explain self-orientation (VALS 2)including self-values and self-concept, include relevant journals.
– How does the concept of self-orientation applies to customers. 

3) What type of targeting strategy is Kill_Kapture using? 

– What is targeting marketing? Why is it important?
– Types of marketing strategy (i.e. Mass marketing)
– What is Kill_Kapture targeting strategy? The justification of their choice? Support with journals.

Marking Guidelines: 
1) 3 questions answered in sufficient depth – minimum of 1000 words, with well informed, logical discussion
2) Understanding of academic theory – analysis of relevant theories with application to the case study
3) Understanding of broader concepts – additional research demonstrated with discussion from a broader perspective which provides support to the analysis. 
4) Academic research – 4 peer reviewed academic journal articles correctly cited and referenced and with relevance to the discussion
5) Quality of writing – clarity in writing, concise, avoiding grammatical and spelling errors
6) Overall report presentation – correct referencing, appropriate appendices and correct formatting. 
Additional resources: 
Kill_Kapture Website: https: // 
Australian Survivor Website:
Reading: Chapter 6 in Walker et al. (2015) Strategic Marketing 3rd Ed.

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