Learning about the EEG Summary

Learning about the EEG has been one of the significant aspects of life and the human brain that I have learned. It has exposed me to different matters surrounding the function of the human brain, such as the ways to relax and become more focused. For instance, learning about the Alpha waves, which occur through the closing of eyes and deeper concentration, helps one become focused on different matters and issues surrounding them. Alpha waves make it possible to meditate and engage in Yoga. These help one understand how to control the stress levels and experiences in life. 
Similarly, I have learned about the effects of human brain development at early stages, which are affected by the experiences one has. For instance, children are likely to be exposed to depressive symptoms when their mother has depression at an early age. Therefore, they must avoid acts that are likely to expose the child to low self-esteem as they grow. 
I aim to apply this in life by informing parents and the people around me about the aspect of early brain development in children. This will help in lowering the number of people exposed to depression. I also plan to apply in my career by evaluating people’s childhood experiences early. Lastly, I also plan to use it to ensure that I have a more fulfilling life as I engage the Alpha frequencies in the control of stress and their levels. 

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