Library databases for articles about research design category

Initial Post is due in 12 hours of 250 words. I will send you some posts of other students after they will be available, so you can reply it. NO Plagiarism. I . All sources must be cited in proper references. There are two parts of this discussion. Plz check it carefully. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read sections,,, andin the Newman (2016) textbook and the instructor guidance for the week. This discussion has two parts.In Part 1 of your post, base your response on this weeks instructor guidance as well as the required sections of the textbook listed above. Compare and contrast characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research approaches, including such aspects as sample size and type of data. Briefly explain the difference between experimental and non-experimental research.
In Part 2 of your post, use the to investigate one of the following research design categories based on the first letter of your last name:
A-F: qualitative research
G-L: quantitative descriptive research
M-R: correlational research
S-Z: experimental research
Sources for this part of the post can be found in theresearch guide list of suggested articles. You may also search the Ashford University Library databases for articles about your research design category. Become an expert on your assigned category of research so you can explain it to others.In Part 2 of your post,
Explain the characteristics and purposes that define the research category.
Briefly describe some of the data collection and data analysis methods that are used in this type of research.
Mention one or more of the specific research designs that fall into your category.
Suggest a research topic for which this type of research would be suitable.
Use at least two and document them in APA style, with and references listed at the end of the post.
Be prepared to answer questions about your category from classmates and the instructor.

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