Listen to “Muzamil’s Day”: This podcast lasts 22 minutes and was produced by Frontline, arguably the finest source for investigativ

Listen to “Muzamil’s Day”: podcast lasts 22 minutes and was produced by Frontline, arguably the finest source for investigative journalism in America. Step 1: Summarize the podcast in your own words in no more than three paragraphs. (Suspicious summaries will be run through plagiarism detection software.) I WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! You MUST use Microsoft Word software to compose your responses. Assignments submitted in other formats will not be graded.Step 2: State the most surprising aspect of the podcast in one or two sentences.Step 3: In no more than three paragraphs, discuss what Dr. Belsky ( Belsky, J. (2019). Experiencing the Lifespan (5th ed. only). New York, NY: Worth. would have to say about Muzamil’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Scoring: Each step must be completed for full credit. Run your work through a spelling and grammar checker before posting it to Moodle. Posts with more than two spelling/technical errors will not be accepted.

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