I remember I was in church service, and I never paid attention to what the preacher was saying; what I had was raising my hand and standing. So I did as I heard, and the preacher said, “thanks to such people who can volunteer to offer thousand dollars to support the building project, who else.” Having heard that, I was astonished and kept my mouth wide opening, figuring that I had only one dollar in my saving account. From that day, I learned the importance of paying attention to speakers. Listening skills can be defined as paying maximum attention to and carefully interpreting what people may be saying. Most people lose attention and get the wrong information and wrongly interpret the meaningful signs and body language employed by speakers. In this world where everything is changing drastically, communication has become vital where everything is about more of listening and communication. Proper listening and communications save time and money. Communication solves the problem easily and enhances good relations with others. Listening is more in an institution like schools where teachers give instructions, and the student follows. This paper shall discuss tips that can help one develop good and effective listening skills.

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