LO4 Apply models, theories, and concepts

LO4 Apply models, theories, and concepts to assist in understanding and interpreting strategic directions available to an organization.
Many upcoming theories are present in this scenario of the SX70 Camera in the market. In that past year, the company did various strategic planning to move ahead with their plan.
Porter’s generic strategy – Various ingenious issues had surfaced since this Camera model was in the market. The company that madeSX70 was able to utilize every single one of those planning strategies within the market and solve their problems perfectly. The pricing mechanism of the said camera model by SX70 affected by its price structure and the whole system in that market competition made sure to achieve a substantial profit margin which was well balanced at that era. Not only that, to create differences from the other camera model, they launched a similar camera with minimal variations between them, as many are saying in modern time that at past SX70 with those variables can create proper marketing outburst at that time. Though the SX70 camera model concentrated on the particular Camera-wise market, they also overshadowed a few other sectors that are much related to the camera market. The SX70 camera model is promoted with the other camera parts, alongside the camera model itself. It creates the artificial demand for manufactured market demand utilizations.
An extended model of Bowman’s strategy clock – Companies like this SX70 model go well with the diversification process, which is considered essential. The different theory, which goes alongside the camera company, also created various product ranges. By god’s grace, if the SX70 model were not made through, the future of other camera models’ emergence would have been destroyed permanently. The company did well because the whole transformation theories of the marketing strategy happened because of artificial alliance with the other companies made to co-op with theSX70’s creators. It was successful at that time quite easily because the whole setup depended on the raw materials increased marketing price. If the alliance companies were not there, then these marketing would not survive the war of prices on their own. Because of these increased materials prices, the company can increase its price range and gain more profits.

In this manner, we can also rule in the globalization theory here. Because of globalization, the SX70 can be spread through various countries in the eastern regions of the globe and gain more profits than ever after.
Objectives and importance – 

The market made customer satisfaction in that time of SX70 in the USA road ahead by 7%


The total sale of the Camera and extra parts increased by 12.8% overnight.
The company attained 7% more customer share from the open market and created the perfect blend of strategic utilization.

For this SX70 camera model to succeed, countless strategic planning’s have been introduced, and a few of them are used in every aspect over time. Though the company of SX70 still is maintaining its marketing strategic planning structure today. Though in recent time various marketing strategies have been used by the company to gain more profit from the all other aspects as well.
If we come to the modern timeline SX70 camera, which is now considered one of the pioneers of advanced photography cameras trying to gain more focus, how can they overshadow their past and create more profits in recent times also?
To materialize the competitive environmental PESTLE analysis, the various raw materials suppliers for the SX70 model were recommended. Though the SX70 camera company was there for a long while, no one can ignore its tremendous social solid relationship with its market investors and customers. If we consider porter’s analysis, it can be easily said that the threats were high for this pioneer camera model. Still, it made it through its most challenging time, so we can assume that it will do just fine in modern-day scenarios.

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