A global crisis is an issue that negatively impacts the environment globally, in a disastrous way which consists of the natural crisis, political issue, health issue, social crisis and economic issue. Resolution to the global crisis basically needs partnership among the countries. The issue disorganized the natural structure of mankind, obstructing the economy and general advancement. The issue may cause crises like water problems where there is insufficient drinking water for everyone on the planet. Numerous people suffer on a daily basis with contaminated diseases which occur due to insufficient water and disinfecting. The crisis causes a shortage of food, and many people die of starvation all around the world. The crisis raises health concerns and maternal health. After getting affected by the crisis, many people flee from the places to get a better opportunity and inhabitation. Here, in this report, the discussion will be done on the Covid-19, which is the current global pandemic and affected the lives of many. The discussion will be done on the elements behind the crisis, challenges that were faced by the organizations, opportunities and chances to retrieve from the downfall of the global pandemic. It also mentions the recommendations for the organization, accompanied by a brief conclusion. 

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