Math- Evaluating Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode, and Scatter Plot Analysis

evaluate a set of statistics.  An Excel spreadsheet is attached including 30 data sets representing the height and weight of 10 year old boys.  The first column is the height in inches and the second the weight in pounds.  Choose one data set that has not already been selected (include the number of the data set in your title to make this easier to do).  Calculate the mean, median and mode of the weights in the data set.  You can either do this by hand or see the video below to show you how to do this using the tools in Excel.  Then, explain what these numbers mean.  Are they the same?  Why are they different?  
Then, construct a scatter plot.  

From the insert menu select scatter or the chart that says scatter and then select the chart at the top left on the dropdown
Click on one of the points
Select Add Trendline (Note you may need to add Trendline and then click on the line to format Trendline) 
The default radio button is linear, keep it checked

What are your observations from the scatter plot?  Does it appear that there is a correlation between the height and weight of 10 yr old boys.  Note:  this data is made up, so do you think this is accurate?  Do you think given real data that there would be a greater amount of correlation or less?  
If you have a different version of excel then you may want to search to see how to form a trendline. These instructions work with Office 365 and Office 2010.

Attach your excel worksheet with your scatter plot
For the title of your post use your last name and the data set that you selected (Example:  Smith – Data Set #51).
Be sure to comment on at least 2 classmates.  You could discuss other times that this visualization would be useful?  Or what other visualizations could be useful in this scenario?  How do you choose?

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