Meaningful Feedback: Engaging with Michelle and Amelia’s Discussion

Please write response as a direct response to the classmate. Please don’t write the response addressing the student as a third person. Correct way to response:

***Example: Hi James I agree with you and so on…..

****Example: Please DO NOT say According to Ashley. Because we’re supposed to respond directly to the student.

Reply to at least two classmate’s posts, applying the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback

I will also show an example below of how the response needs to be addressed.

**********Respond to these two discussion Michelle and Amelia*********************************************

Response 1- Michelle

This was a great video and something I will surely follow before heading into a school year as a brand-new counselor. I listen to podcasts and watch many videos because I cannot deny that I a little terrified of my first year as a school counselor. Interrelationships within the school organization were reviewed in this video especially in the first step that explained that we need to get with our school principal and discuss our responsibilities and duties (including non-duties) as a counselor (The Inspiring School Counselor, 2022). Even if we have already met and know the principal, we still need to address what our role is, what events we need to put into our schedule. In the 2nd part, ‘ Meet the Counselor’ is a huge way to begin building relationships with students, teachers, parents, and even school staff. It is an effective way allow everyone to get to know a bit about you as a person and how you are there to help. I would include some personal likes about myself so that I can kind of humanize myself for everyone so they might be able to connect with something they know about me. Having parent meetings is another way to be able to connect everything so that we get to know the students and their parents on a different level. As far as community is concerned, I didn’t hear anything about the community outside of the school organization. I know it is important for us as counselors to be aware the community we are serving and learn about what goes on there, so we are able to connect with resources around the area and refer students to different things. For example, while I was interning, a high school student wanted to know where he can go find some boxing lessons and at a low cost because he didn’t have funds for it. This is an example of counselors having those resources and being able to connect students with community-based activities.

A school can only function when various stakeholders are involved and working together to support the students AND each other. In the 8th part of the video, she discusses planning school activities and emphasizes reaching out for help (The Inspiring School Counselor, 2022). This is a great example of involving the school, family, and community when put something together that is beneficial for the students. My husband was part of a school-wide activity called ‘ Career Day’. The counselor at a local elementary school reached out to local business owners and other professionals that were part of the community and city the school is located in to come in and share about their career. I attended with him so I can get an idea of how the counselor put this together. Teachers, administration, the principal, students, and parents were all involved in this project, and it was a huge success. But I guarantee it wouldn’t have run this way if not for the support and help from all stakeholders involved with the school. Having group and classroom lessons is another way that stakeholders have to work together to support the students. Teachers need to be on board with having the school counselor come into the class and provide instruction that will be helpful to the students. They can offer their ideas via referrals about what might be needed with their students.

Overall, this was such a great video because it gave me the bare necessities that I will need to start my program and then go from there. I think one of the most important things that she said was that things might not go as planned. We may have a schedule, but things happen that might take precedence over what our plan was.

The Inspiring School Counselor. (2022, July 26). What To Do The First 30 Days As A School Counselor! [Video]. YouTube.


Response 2- Amelia

Were interrelationships within school organization and the community reviewed? If so, how?
The first thing that the video spoke on was meeting with school site admin to get a fell on what the goals and duties are for the school year, some of these things should likely be discussed before the end of the previous year so that planning can take place over the summer and ready to go when students come back on campus. Also discussed is “MEET THE COUNSELOR” In the secondary schools the middle school counselors meet with incoming 5th graders to create schedules so the students already know who they are when they start at the middle school. The same is done for incoming 9th graders.

Identify how the various stakeholders engaged in school, family, and community partnerships.
When completing the needs assessment, you can g support from teachers and parents. Referrals for counseling can be made through google forms, there will likely be a link on the school website. and a mail box in the office for the school counselor. Make sure to advise students that this is not for immediate urgent needs. Meeting with parents and 504 coordinators was discussed. We want to make sure that student plans and accommodations are still current to the student needs. When planning activities for the year you want to collaborate with stakeholders such as teachers, staff like campus security and PTSA and see what they feel is needed for the school and the students. The use of time information is important. I got to attend the end of year reviews and saw how school counselors spent their time. What was used was the student information system. All interventions are entered there and queries can be used to sperate services provided.

This video shared great information. Since my practicum took place at the end of the school year alot of these topics were covered for the planning for the start of the year. Lessons were completed and reviewed elementary counselors met with middle school counselors to go over students who were currently receiving services. Also collected input from teachers. The middle and high school counselors also met mostly for academics. The school counselors I worked with also made the effort to meet with the PBIS at the high school since they would be working with the for SEL more than the school counselors would. Something that I learned to use over the years is backwards planning. I have a calendar for things that I know have to be done yearly and I plan usually in April-May to get things set up or at least on the radar for the following year. This helps to make sure mandatory assignments are done so that as emergency’s come along it is not too overwhelming.


YouTube. (2022, July 26). The Inspiring School Counselor- What To Do The First 30 Days As A School Counselor!. YouTube.

********************Please respond to these two students discussion USING this response as a GUIDANCE tool. Please don’t copy because this is a students respond

SEE EXAMPLE BELOW: (Each student must have a response in this format)

Hi Michelle,

Reflect: When you share your plans to do your “Meet the Counselor”, I appreciate you mentioning that you plan to share personal interests and likes to make yourself more relatable to students, families, and staff. I also like that you see the importance of discussing our roles and schedules with our principal, even if we’ve already met prior. This will help to set a healthy and supportive relationship!

Inquire: You mentioned an insightful intern experience when the counselor connected a student to community-based activities. Can you further explain any other examples you witnessed or were a part of that helped foster positive relationships?

Suggest: You shared a great example of your time at a Career Day with your husband that was made possible from the impact of the relationships within the school community. Consider using the knowledge you gained from that experience in furthering your goals to help your future students with college and career readiness.

Elevate: Thank you for focusing on building positive relationships. Next time, consider how you can collaborate with staff and/or stakeholders to attain resource materials and how you plan to keep those organized.

Overall, great post and I enjoyed reading it!

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