Measures of a Persons Verbal Comprehension Skills

For many years, IQ (intelligence quotient) was considered to betheindicator of intelligence. An IQ score is determined through standardized testing, often characterized by measures of a persons verbal comprehension skills, working memory capacity, perceptual reasoning ability, and processing skills. IQ represents a narrow conceptualization of intelligence and is traditionally focused on skills related to academic success. Intelligence was once thought to be stable throughout ones lifespan. In other words, no amount of education or studying could change your IQ score or capacity to learn. Fortunately, the research of psychologist Robert Sternberg and others indicated otherwise, confirming that intelligence can vary, can be developed over ones lifetime, and extends beyond the traditional skills associated with IQ. In this weeks resources, you will consider Sternbergs theory of successful intelligence and a theory from another well-known giant in the field of intelligence, Howard Gardner. Gardner identified seven distinct intelligences that offer a much broader and more realistic view of the concept, and account for individual differences and cultural context.
In this assignment, you will apply a theory of multiple intelligence to your own life by identifying the intelligences you use throughout the day, as well as which intelligences come easily to you and which could be developed further.
To prepare
Review this weeks Learning Resources on multiple intelligences.
Select a theory of multiple intelligences that interests you the most.
Track a 24-hour day in your life and, based on the theory you selected, identify which intelligences you applied throughout your day.
Think about the intelligences that come easily to you and those that could be developed further.
By Day 7
Submit a1-to 2-page paperthat addresses the following:
Briefly describe the theory of multiple intelligence you selected.
Using the theory you selected, describe the different intelligences you applied throughout your day.
Explain which areas of intelligence come naturally to you and which areas could be further developed and why. Be specific and support your conclusions with scholarly literature

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