Methods of Poor Communication and Their Effect on Motivation, Teamwork, and Management

Methods of Poor Communication and Their Effect on Motivation, Teamwork, and Management

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze methods of poor communication and their effect on motivation, teamwork, and effective conflict management and resolution. Make sure you use the Topic 5 West Coast Transit Case template that I provided. Any paper not on the appropriate template will not be accepted and will be returned. Write a paper (1,600-1,800 words) in which you address the following based on the information provided in the “West Coast Transit Case Study” resource.
Describe the three criteria for evaluating effective team/group work (as stated in the textbook) and use the criteria to analyze the effectiveness of the team.
Review each of the five stages of group formation. Determine what stage(s) are evident in the case and provide a justification of your response.
Apply Schein’s three behavioral profiles to specific members of the team. Identify how the profiles are demonstrated in the case.
Evaluate whether the communication among the participants in the case was effective or not. Justify your answer by considering any existing barriers to communication.
Review the two main types of conflicts described in the textbook. Explain how each type of conflict is evident in the case.
Propose how Denson should resolve the conflict in this case using one direct conflict management approach. Explain your response.
Additionally, propose an indirect conflict management approach. Explain your response.
Identify one specific leadership activity and one specific maintenance activity that should be encouraged. Identify the most significant disruptive behavior that should be discouraged.
Identify a significant motivational problem experienced by each individual: Jing, Mahonney, and Tanney. Describe how Denson should motivate each person. Be sure to provide a specific motivational suggestion for each person based on their motivational needs. Ensure that you have at least one suggestion from each of the motivational theory/techniques: content theories, process theories, and reinforcement strategies.
You are required to use at least two external scholarly sources in addition to the textbook and the case study resource.

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