Methods to control police corruption

Methods to control police corruption.
Over the decade, the issue of corruption has become a global issue. Everyone must stand up and fight it and make sure that the police provide what they were sworn in for. There has to be a secret detective agent investigating and reporting these police officers who are corrupt (Quah, 2014). The government of the United Kingdom should improve the salary of police officers so that they can avoid using illegal ways of acquiring more funds. There should be transparency in all that takes place in the United Kingdom, and f possible, there should be witnesses from all the parties and one or two civilians. Each officer who will be found corrupt has to be held accountable for their action, and they can even suspend their license for about 12 months. People are to be educated o their rights so that when an officer tries to ask for bribes, they will stand firm and defend their rights. Any officer found collecting bribes should immediately be reported to the authorities and face the consequences. There have to be implementing strategies that will help reduce the case of police corruption in society today (Quah, 2014). The leaders in the United Kingdom should stand firm and advocate for the need for a corruption-free community and come with rules that will help individuals live in a corruption-free community. Problems of hunger, unemployment, and poverty are to be dealt with as they contribute to police corruption in the United Kingdom.
Topic 4: Female Offending
Female offending is often related to difficulties in getting their own money, mental problems, toxic relationships, and drug abuse problems (Annison et al., 2019). More than half of women in prison have experienced domestic abuse, and some have suffered from sexual abuse. Drug trafficking leads the number of female offenders by 33.7%, followed by fraud amounting to 23.9%, immigration which is 14.3%. In most cases, you do not expect a woman to commit a crime, unlike men who look physically strong and emotionally aggressive and can make mistakes easily (Annison et al., 2019). Several women are in prison due to drug trafficking and sexual abuse. There are characteristics of female offenders such as victimization, lack of human capital, and how they treat one and the results. This topic discusses the evolution of criminology research, theories on female offending, the current state of research on women who commit sexual offenses, the risk factor, and the role of the risk assessment for women who committed sexual crimes. 
Evolution of criminology
Europe was the first continent where criminology began during the early 1700 and 1800. From the 19th century to the 20th century, criminology has undergone 2 phases: the golden age of research and the golden age of theory. There are four themes of criminology that show the link that is there in criminology (Annison et al., 2019). Theme one explores the relationship between the investigation of a crime and its control and the responsibility of modern social sciences like globalization, risk, gender, race, networks, culture, governance, and citizenship. The second theme is the practice and the theory of relative criminology inquiry. Theme 3 aims at bringing together both the normative and sociological analyses of crime (Grace, 2017). 

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