Mobile sales force automation and mobile field force automation

What is the relationship between mobile sales force automation, mobile field force automation and mobile CRM?
Mobile sales force automation, mobile field force automation, and mobile CRM are related in that they enable a company to gather data in real-time. As a sales team is in the field, automating processes and enhancing productivity is possible. The company can capture field sales as they happen. Also, they can capture customer relations in real-time. Thus, decision-making is more straightforward.
b) Discuss what Weiser meant when he said that computers would become invisible. Discuss how m-commerce can solve some of the problems of digital divide (the gap with in a country or between countries with respect to people’s ability to access the Internet).
When Weiser said computers would become invisible, he meant that these tools would become familiar and part of human life. They would apply in every aspect of human life, including commerce. M-commerce can solve problems in the digital divide by allowing more people to access electronic money transfers, considering that most people have cell phones. 

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