Modern methods of teaching listening skills

Ask questions for understanding.

Out with my best friend during lunch hour, telling him how I had a great time on my tour to Mt Kenya. I saw interesting animals and funny bush babies on my way to the mountain, and he quickly he says…oh, I have not heard from Newton for a long time. How did it go with her wife and his poor kids? We kept discussing this for more time, and my intention of telling home about my trip to Mt Kenya was left hanging. When you realize you have asked a question that has led your speaker astray from the main talk is your responsibility to bring the speaker back to the main topic. Like for example, my friend would have said to me: yeah, wonderful, and it’s good to hear about him. Now tell me more about the trip to Mt Kenya. 
Finally, it is good to pay maximum attention when listening to other people. As we have seen, good listening skills save money and time and create a good relationship. This calls all people to develop good listening skills not to miss important information disseminated. To relate with others, fit into this world, and communicate with other people from different countries and continents, one needs to learn how to listen. 
Djabbаrova, Feruza Odilovna. “Modern methods of teaching listening skills.” Science and Education 1.Special Issue 2 (2020).

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