Module 10 two short writings

two short writings, 300-500 words each.
have to address all the points in the topics
use files attached for reference
module 10.2, Using visual aids:
-Create a timeline to teach: “He was studying while I was playing baseball”.
-Describe the Visual Aid based on stick figure drawing(s) you would create to explain: “He used to exercise regularly but he doesn´t anymore.”
-Describe the types of realia you could bring into class to help your students learn to ask for and give directions in English.
-What kind of chart or diagram could you create on the board to teach the vocabulary words ´majority´ and ´minority´?
module 10.3, Effective use of activities and games: 
-Describe a mingle activity you might create for a new class of intermediate level students to help them introduce themselves to each other.
-Devise an information gap activity where over the phone one student describes a used car he wants to sell. Another student, having seen an ad in the paper about the car, calls asking for more information about the car. Each wants to strike the best deal.
-Explain why a board game like “Monopoly” or “Clue” might not be appropriate for a group of language learners. How could you adapt them to be appropriate?
-Explain why traditional party games like Charades or 20 Questions would be good games to use in the EFLESL classroom. What would be the specific language point students would be working on with these games? Give examples.

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