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Multi-voting Process Tool
1. Review the following scenario. Choose a multi-voting process tool you will use to complete the analysis of the scenario. Then, work through the scenario
to determine which project you will select.
2. Next, discuss the process and the tool you used to complete the multi-voting process analysis with your group on the discussion board. 3. Finally, discuss
the four criteria that should be considered when problem-solving: risk, economy, timing, and resources.
Using a multi-voting process tool, address the following problem:
Ten projects are being considered by the QM team. Based on team member preferences (below), if a single vote is held, Project D will be selected. The chair
wants to consider team member preferences beyond simply their first choices. Use a multi-voting process and assign three points to each member’s first choice,
two points to the second, and one point to the third. After the first vote, options that receive fewer than three points should be eliminated and the remaining
options re-voted. In subsequent rounds, two points will be given to the first choice and one point to the second. Continue to eliminate low vote-tallying options
until all but two options have been eliminated. On the final vote, each team member will get a single vote worth one point. Which option will be selected?
Jacob D, I, B, C, A, F, E, J, H, G
Isabella A, C, E, F, G, J, D, H, I, B
Ethan H, G, E, D, B, I, J, A, C, F
Emma D, I, F, A, E, G, B, C, H, J
Olivia B, G, A, J, H, C, F, E, I, D
Multi-voting Process Tool Peer Feedback: As healthcare managers, there are two important skills to master: working in groups or teams, and giving and receiving
constructive feedback. For this project, each team is composed of three to five team members. Individually, complete your multi-voting process analysis to select
the best approach in identifying problems and post it to your group’s discussion board to share with your team members during Module Three. During Module
Three, you will go to the group discussion to review your team members’ multi-voting analysis responses. When reviewing your peers work, offer constructive
feedback (to at least two peers).
You are expected to provide feedback on the content of the multi-voting analysis and compare and contrast each peer approach with your own. The
communication tone of the critique must be professional and respectful, and contain a rationale that supports your critique. Make content recommendations
that are focused and relevant to the multi-voting process analysis, and use proper mechanics of writing. This must be completed before the end of Module Three.
Your final product will be graded individually.
Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information,
review these instructions.

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