Music Listening Journal Assignment

Music Listening Journal Assignment
The Journal will consist of separate entries for each song you listen to. In these entries, you should write down your personal feeling about each song. There must be no duplicates entries [i.e., same song by the same artist] as these entries will result in mark deductions. There must be a table of content and the pages and songs must be numbered. The journal should explore a minimum of 150 songs and be at least 30 pages long. Entries should list factual data about each song, which may include, but is not limited to artist name, song name, composer, release date, record label and chart peak position. Plagiarism, especially cut/paste from the Internet, will result in deductions of up to 100%. The journal should not contain songs listed on the exclusion list located on the course website.
You must fulfill the minimum requirements of 150 songs. This means you cannot submit a journal with 149 songs. The marks plummet dramatically for journals that do not meet the minimum requirements set out in the syllabus. Ditto for the minimum 30 page requirement. Read the directive in the syllabus carefully and do you best to fulfill what is requested.

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