Myths Of The American Family Discussion

Myths Of The American Family Discussion
Myths of the American Family Discussion Board I
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For our first academic style discussion board, please respond to the following questions, based on the readings. Your responses should be thoughtful and thorough. Treat these like you were answering them as short answer responses on paper. Quoting from the texts is encouraged, but is not yet necessary. Whatever the case, your response should show that you did the reading and that you are giving thought and attention to the question at hand. Once you post your answers to these questions, the others’ responses will become visible to you. At that point you may make follow-up comments on others’ posts.
REMINDER ABOUT FOLLOW-UP POSTS: Canvas does NOT generate a reminder to you about making the follow-up postings! Make sure to do them! Also, when you do them, make sure you are ADDING TO THE DISCUSSION, not just saying “I agree with you” or some meaningless single line comment. The idea is that you are sort of simulating in-class discussion of these topics! Make your responses thoughtful.
From “Looking for Work” on page 22:
1. Please respond to

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