NASA Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report

Summarizing the NASA Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report
After theColumbiashuttle accident, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board released a report analyzing what went wrong with the shuttle and NASA organizational culture at large. They wrote a valuable, insightful report, but it is 248 pages, too long for us to read in class on top of all the other readings we’re doing. Therefore, you are to summarize a short portion of the report, and in the process we will create a complete, concise summary of the report.
Chosen selection: Section 6.4 text attached separately
After you have read and understood your section, write a 200-300 word summary of the section. Make sure to include the key points of the section. You may also want to include key evidence that supports those conclusions or methods the investigative board used to draw their conclusions, if relevant. Your goal is to write a summary that will convey the key information from your section to someone who has not read it.
Please write a comprehensive, clear, concise, and correct summary of your section. Make sure to identify the key points of the section and present them clearly to your audience.

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