NASW Code of Ethics

NASW Code of Ethics
Now that we are midway through the course, you will write and submit a midterm paper. For this paper, you will discuss and analyze a value conflict that you experienced or observed in your own practice. As you do this, you will also incorporate what you have learned so far from the course literature, while also accounting for the NASW Code of Ethics.
Midterm Paper Instructions
Your paper should address the following points:
Select a value conflict from practice that occurred between you and a colleague, agency, parent or supervisor that revolved around a client or group.
Describe the conflict in detail.
Utilizing Levy’s Values Classification Model, provide the details of each of the three classifications from each position. Fill in the Levy’s Values Classification Model chart Download Levy’s Values Classification Model chartthat is provided and include it in your paper. Also present the case as a narrative, explaining in detail each of the classifications, i.e. Preferred Conceptions of People, Preferred Conceptions for Outcomes for Working with People, and Preferred Instrumentalities for Working with People from each of the parties to the case. Remember: Do not include the client as it revolves around your work with the client.
This classification model is not meant to provide resolution, but merely to help you understand the genesis of the value conflict. However, if you found resolution and would like to describe it in your narrative, you may enter it and explain how you and the other parties arrived at the resolution of the conflict. Include any mistaken use of values for knowledge or knowledge for values that may have altered the way the case was initially interpreted, and whether there were any dysfunctional outcomes as a result.
Include references to literature (at least three) and to the NASW Code of Ethics.
Submit your paper by the due date posted on this page.
Your submission should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, using 12-point font.
Your page count includes the Levy’s Value Classification Model chart.
All references must be in APA format.

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