Negative Effects Of Climate Change

There is no denying that the impact of climate change on human health has become increasingly prominent in recent years, it has become almost a matter of concern to all humanity. According to statistics, every year 150,000 people will die of disasters caused by climate change in Europe (BBC, 2017). Among them, the spread of viruses, natural disasters and agricultural production are the three main negative effects on human health from climate change.
Spread of virus is one negative effect of climate change. With the large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the trend of global warming is increasingly strengthened, it lengthens the transmission season and expands the geographical range of many diseases. For example, warmer temperatures lead to a longer pollen season, and increased carbon dioxide in the air leads to higher pollen levels and more potent pollen. It makes people need to face great challenges because if someone is contaminated with pollen, he will sneeze constantly, runny nose, even severe dyspnea and produce allergic asthma, it can seriously damage people’s health. At the same time, climate change will revive some viruses that endanger human health. According to a survey data show that scientists found a virus on the frozen wilderness of Siberia, it has existed for more than 30,000 years, this virus is very dangerous it has more than 2500 cells, so it is more complicated than the average flu virus (The Telegraph, 2015). “Climate change is warming the Arctic and
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