Network Security Management Issues

Network Security Management Issues
The Internet has grown faster than any telecommunications system in history continuing to grow and become more ubiquitous. This is particularly true with the advent of 5G networks. These networks are attractive targets for intruders. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and the standard of communication built on the TCP/IP protocol coupled with the everywhere computing in all types of devices enabled by 5G will fundamentality change our society. We must face this with clear security safeguards and thought into the implications of this for society.
We live in a networked society, yet many are naive about how to protect the security of the information we exchange and store via this network. The pervasiveness of the networked culture often leads to patterns of behavior where we may engage in risky data behavior whether it is personal or work-related information that is networked. The purpose of this case is to raise your awareness of these issues and how to begin to safeguard your networked systems.
First you will read the ACM code of ethics:
While you see that this code of ethics was adopted in 1992, the network security violation events continue to occur.
The chapter from discusses the issues of computer security. I want you to specifically address the issues in the context of networks of the Internet of Things with the potential to monitor every action of our daily lives and to replace many jobs with robotic controls. How will these systems be secured?
Case Assignment
When you have finished your research here, you will be able to write a short (5- to 7-page) paper discussing the question:
How can you as the network administrator use network security principles to protect networked systems. You will use the principle of Defense in Depth where you use routers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs) and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs).
Network Security Management Issues

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