New HeatSmart Option for Davinci Custom Fireplaces

New HeatSmart Option for Davinci Custom Fireplaces
The seven Davinci Custom Fireplace models are no longer just the world’s most decorative furnaces; they now feature the Davinci HeatSmart option, a brand-new heat exchanger. What’s in it for you? Significant and convenient heating delivered to your home!
On-Demand Heating!
The purely decorative feature fireplace transforms into a heating appliance with the push of a button. With the new feature added to the appealing fireplace, you can generate significant heat than you never thought possible. Better yet, it will ideally take on its heating role in any residential or commercial space. 
Every appliance is switching to cordless and app-controlled devices, and DaVinci fireplaces keep proving they are nothing next to ordinary. Fairly enough, a wall-mounted touch screen pad or home automation enables all this control.
Run 365 days a year
A fireplace is a must-have during the winter, but the DaVinci fireplaces promise and deliver warmth for cold nights throughout the seasons. It’s not because of your effort or some laundry list of maintenance tips, but because it is too efficient. These unique fireplaces maintain extraordinarily low glass temperatures, making them usable year in and out and perfect for any setting. The beauty will not run short of eyes and hands dying to touch it for high-traffic areas. The good news is the double pane glass system is safe from touch.
The HeatSmart option also introduces versatility to the furnace. Warm days evoke uncomfortable temperatures, and it could only worsen if the stove is running. You can set the DaVinci fireplace to expel the warm air externally instead of recycling it through the room.
The ambience and aesthetics of these fireplaces are an added vibe to your living room for cold and warm climates alike. The revolutionary fireplaces are simply an epitome of beauty and functionality, simple as that!
How it works
It may be helpful to have an idea of how it operates. The Davinci HeatSmart works by drawing cool air from the room and heating it through a series of hot exhaust tubes from the fireplace’s exhaust, built into the heat exchange system.
The air circulating around the exhaust tubes is passively heated to a significant level and finally delivered into the room using a powerful fan system to give you the desired warmth in your preferred space.
With no mercy for cold air, the beauty and the beast come with various Fyre-Art media options, so yours is as perfect as you would like and complements your space. We make our Fyre-Art from driftwood spaces and time-worn stones for a detailed and realistic look. 

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