Nursing Drop Box Assignment Development Plan

Nursing Drop Box Assignment Development Plan
Nursing Drop Box Assignment Development Plan
This assignment utilizes TurnItIn. When you submit this assignment to the assignment drop box, it will automatically be submitted to TurnItIn. You will receive an Originality Score along with an Originality Report that should be carefully reviewed. If revisions need to be made to your assignment, you will be able to make additional submissions, and you will quickly receive updated Originally feedback. It is important to plan ahead so that you have enough time to review your originality feedback and make any revisions to your assignment before the final due date. Please see instructions for using TurnItIn in the Course Welcome module under Useful Resources.
How many submissions to TurnItIn are allowed?
For 3000 level courses, you will be allowed a total of three (3) submissions to TII (original plus 2 additional)
Nursing Drop Box Assignment Development Plan
For 4000 level courses, you will be allowed a total of two (2) submissions to TII (original plus 1 additional) (excluding elective courses LDR 4400, NSG 4310, NSG 4410, NSG 4430)
For elective courses, you will be allowed a total of three (3) submissions to TII (original plus 2 additional)
NOTE: If you must submit your assignment AFTER the due date, please refer to the RN to BSN Late Assignment Policy in the Syllabus for questions related to a request to submit a late assignment.
Assignment Instructions:
Consider the principles addressed in the content presentations this week and identify one aspect of nursing practice you would propose to see changed. Describe how technology would assist you in this change process. As part of this change process discussion, provide:
What is your goal? (See SMART goal section below)
Provide 2-3 objectives for your goal. (See SMART goal section below)
Discuss what tools or resources do you need to facilitate successful implementation.
Nursing Drop Box Assignment Development Plan
Discuss any foreseeable barriers that could impede implementation.
Discuss an implementation plan for your identified goal.
Identify three characteristics of effective leaders that will assist you in obtaining your identified goal.
Discuss at least three strategies from Creating Magic that will potentially help you grow as a leader.
Submit a 2-4-page APA formatted paper excluding the title and reference pages.
Example Goals and Objectives
Goal 1: Expand and enhance public and staff access to library and electronic information resources through our website.
Replace the library’s web server and software by August of 2010.
Form a web committee comprised of representatives from each department by January 2009 to evaluate resources that should be included in the site and to make a schedule to routinely update these resources.
The outreach coordinator will develop marketing materials to promote the site and aim to increase traffic to the site by 20% after six months.
The library manager will establish a list of website competencies for staff and will offer two training sessions to familiarize staff with the resources on the library’s site by March 2009.
Goals and Objectives should be SMART
The acronym stands for:
Specific – Be clear about what needs to be done. Someone other than the person who wrote the plan should be able to clearly see the intended technology path and what will need to be done to be successful.
Measurable – Refer to specific measurements to gauge success. Use details like how many, an expected percentage increase in usage or rate of participation to establish a measurable success rate.
Attainable – Are there sufficient resources, staff time, and budget to achieve goal/objective? When referencing staff resources, state the position in the library that will be responsible for completing the task so that a clear picture can develop about the amount of work that will be delegated.
Relevant – Does the objective support the goal and does the goal support the library’s mission? The projects and activities that the library undertakes should be in direct support of the mission.
Time-bound – When should the objective be completed or measured?
Writing in the SMART style helps to ensure that expectations are clear from the beginning and to keep the plan on track. However, it is important to remember that things can change! If you can no longer achieve the goals set out in your plan, document those challenges or barriers and explain why things were changed.

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