Opportunities faced by global organizations

Opportunities faced by global organizations 
The pandemic has changed the perspective of the living and thinking of the people. People are more inclined to virtual reality than the real world. 
The Greene King faced problems and challenges but after some time it came back to its form by shifting everything to the online medium. The industry has shown creativity by sharing the all abouts of the accommodation in the website so that the consumers can look into it beforehand, this makes them feel safe and secure (Naseri, 2021). Due to the pandemic even the consumers like the digitalization which includes no person so that there will be less tension of getting infected. The company got recognition or acknowledgement due to their work and also got positive reviews from the people. The company started growing after they made some efforts on their websites and social media handles. People from different places started contacting them for their hospitality and their hygiene approach. It is also seen the staff of the firm being understandable regarding the safety measures of their consumers and also taking precautions that benefited the company in a greater way. The consumers were highly satisfied with their stay and as well as the customer service. It is shown that taking minute steps can help in the long run.
The Greene king is the organization that impacts all the hospitals and about 2,700spresd all over the world to give services and fight against the Covid-19. The industry has moved into social media to promote the product and also interact with their customers to develop the products and also collect feedback from them. This opportunity helps the industry to settle their business in the digital platform. 

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