Order Common Assignment Requirements

Order Common Assignment Requirements
Common Assignment Requirements
The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your comprehension of project management (PM) methodology and tools integration in context of the project management office (PMO) and the PMO competency continuum. To satisfy this objective, address the following assignment key elements:
In your own words including scholarly reference support,
Define the constructs of PM methodologies and PM tools
Describe the distinction between these constructs in context of the PMO.
Relate the integration of PM methodologies and tools to the stages of the PMO competency continuum.
Based on Echcharqy’s (2020) module 2 case study: Project Management Office (PMO) for Strategy Alignment: Case of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy in Morocco (Links to an external site.):
summarize how the integration of PM methodologies enables the PMO to achieve its purpose
while recognizing ethical considerations and
challenges unique to an international PMO.
Echarqy, S. (2020). Project management office (PMO) for strategy alignment: Case of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy in Morocco. Management

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