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A nineteen-year old Latino male was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the back of his leg. His injury was the result of an encounter with the police who had randomly stopped his car and were performing a search when he fled the scene. He was placed on the orthopedics floor in an empty four-bed room at the end of the corridor and the staff seemed anxious and wary of his presence. Although his leg was immobilized in traction, his loud rap music, girlfriend’s visits throughout the day, and use of profanity to demand service were building a wall of distance between the young man and the staff. No one wanted the patient in 454 D an assignment and most staff avoided the room during their shifts. The nurse manager requested consultation from the psychiatric clinical nurse specialist that worked with the staff throughout the hospital. The consultant interviewed staff members to assess the situation and to determine what interventions had been made. The staff explained that nothing worked and that they had just given up and stayed away, describing the patient as “Latino, load, and dangerous”. Except on admission to the unit, no one had actually had a conversation with Manuel. The consultant sat down by Manuel’s bedside and asked him how he was experiencing his hospitalization. Manuel explained that he felt isolated and was sure that he could die in this large empty room and that no one would know and no one would help. He described how infrequently he saw the staff or anyone except his girlfriend and family and how angry he was with the staff for treating him as if he was contagious. The consultant acknowledged Manuel’s sense of isolation but also his responsibility in helping to create and sustain the situation. He told the consultant that he knew he frightened the staff and found a small level of satisfaction from this. The consultant recommended compromised that required behavioral change on the part of Manuel and the staff. For Manuel: turn the down, stop the profanity, and speak politely with the staff: move Manuel to a room closer to the center of activity and reengage with him through their physical presence and conversation. And, with the assistance of the consultant, explore the role that bias and cultural style differences may have played in scenario.
1. What is your reaction to the consultant’s recommendations?
2. Do you think the consultant’s suggested compromise will resolve the conflict? Why or why not?
3. Are there other recommendations that you would make?

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