Order disadvantages of standardization questions

Order disadvantages of standardization questions
1. What are some of the factors that cause organizations to redesign their products or services?
2. Contrast applied research with basic research.
3. What is CAD? Describe some of the ways a product designer can use it.
4. Name some of the main advantages and disadvantages of standardization.
5. What is modular design? What are its main advantages and disadvantages?
6. Explain the term design for manufacturing and briefly explain why it is important.
7. What are some of the competitive advantages of concurrent engineering?
8. Explain the term remanufacturing.
9. a. What is meant by the term life cycle?
b. Why would this be a consideration in product or service design?
c. Name three ways that each of these products has found new uses: baking soda, duct tape,
and vinegar.
10. Why is R

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