Order Education Children Care Assignment

Order Education Children Care Assignment
Assignment Title: Circle Time Instructions
The student will plan two (2) different language activities from the variety of types including a storybook, prop story, finger play, felt story or listening activity. The language activities will both be based on the same theme/topic and will be suitable for 3- to 5-year-olds. The planning will be done as a group time situation where the two activities would be incorporated with other theme/topic activities. The group-time will be presented in an early childhood program and the student will receive the feedback from the ECE as part of the evaluation for this assignment. If the student faces any difficulty in presenting the group-time in a real setting, the student should discuss this with the instructor. The feedback information is included on Educator Marking Criteria form in Module 10 to be taken to the centre and uploaded to G3 once completed.
1. Plan two (2) language/literature-based activities for a group of young children both revolving around the same specific theme or concept. (One choice from the “a” list and a felt board story)
Choose 1 activity from the variety of types of language activities from the list below:
· Storybook
Order Education Children Care Assignment
· Prop story
· Finger play/Action rhyme
· Vocabulary building/listening skill activity
b. Add a felt board story that is connected to the same theme/topic. You will need to create that resource following the instructions below. You will present this activity at a childcare centre. Your activity must be presented as if you were presenting it to young children. Know your material well – you want your presentation to be smooth and not interrupted by lack of organization.
Fill in blanks and answer those questions.
Activity Name:
Preparation Required: Set up/list of materials /visual aids / objects, etc.
How will you present this activity? What will you do/what will the children do and what will you say or ask the children?

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