Order health promotion education

Order health promotion education
Th e nurse is assessing a 12-year-old boy during a
well-child clinic visit. Which of the following
fi ndings would the nurse expect to see?
1. Weight gain of 2¼ lb (1 kg) since the last visit
1 year previously
2. Height increase of 2 in. (5.5 cm) since the last
visit 1 year previously
3. 20 secondary teeth
4. Heart rate 124
2. A nurse is providing health promotion education to
a 10-year-old child during a well-child clinic visit.
Which of the following is an appropriate patientcare goal for the teaching session?
Th e child will:
1. Brush teeth using a fl uoride toothpaste at least
twice each day.
2. Receive the fi rst dose of the meningococcal
vaccine before leaving the clinic.
3. Begin to take swimming lessons before becoming
an adolescent.
4. Always ride a bicycle on the left -hand side of the
3. A nurse is providing health promotion education to
the parent of a 6-year-old child during a well-child
clinic visit. Which of the following statements by
the parent would indicate that further teaching is
1. “Eating raisins and jelly beans is worse for
my child’s teeth than is drinking sugary soft
2. “My child loves to kick balls around the yard, so
I think I will enroll my child in a soccer camp.”
3. “I let my child watch television for a half hour in
bed aft er bedtime when my child has been really
4. “My child took a pack of gum from the local
store the other day, so I made my child give it
back to the manager.
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