Order MGT498 Internship Plan Worksheet

Order MGT498 Internship Plan Worksheet
Internship Plan Worksheet
Your first assignment in the internship is to write an internship plan. This worksheet will help you think it through. When you have completed the worksheet, write it up and submit it as required.
1. Develop an overall Goal Statement. Describe what you would like to accomplish in your internship. These could be things you want to experience, understand, learn, or demonstrate during your internship. This paragraph should give the “big picture” of what you hope to gain from your internship experience. Think of this as the Mission Statement for your internship.
2. Make a list of specific goals you would like to achieve during your internship in order to accomplish the things described above. Your goals should be stated in SMART terms. Think of this as the Strategic Plan for your internship. You should have at least three goals and no more than five. At least two goal should be related to your job performance and at least one goal should be related to your personal or professional development. Use the following format to develop your goals:

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