Order Personal Sales Report Assignment

Order Personal Sales Report Assignment
Please note: This report is completely confidential; your classmates will not be privy to your selections. You do not need to contact your classmates in making selections for your team, nor do you have to collaborate with them in any manner in the writing of this report.
Step One: Research Current Literature on Personal Selling. Review articles on selling. You must use at least three (3) articles as references for your report. You may also use websites and the Ivy Tech Virtual Library listed under the “Resources” tab in the main menu of Blackboard to locate articles.
· Step Two: Interview a Sales person at a local company. You will need to incorporate your Personal Sales Interview (that you completed in session 9) within your report and directly link it in multiple references to support information within your team member choices and report information. The Personal Sales Interview will be placed in the Appendix.
Step Three: Create a Company and Design a Sales Team. For the purposes of this sales report, you will create a new company or business you find interesting, and you will assemble a sales team of four people (you plus 3 of your classmates) to help plan, negotiate, and close sales for the company. Please note: This is not a real team. You do not need to contact your classmates, nor do you have to collaborate with them in any manner in the writing of this report. This is simply the team that you would assemble if you were creating a new company or business. Your classmates will not be privy to your selections. Use the self-assessments and discussions in the discussion forum on Blackboard to help provide the basis for your team selection.
Determine four (4) sales positions you feel are needed in the new organization and provide a brief description of each position, including the major tasks each will perform.
Next, choose individuals among your classmates who you feel would best fit each of the sales roles your team will need. (Remember, you will be filling one of the roles as well.) In choosing the individuals for your sales team, you should review your own self-assessments, discussions postings, as well as those of your classmates.
Step Four: Write Your Report. Upon reading the articles and classmates’ responses to the self-assessments / discussions, you are ready to write your report based upon the following information. This report should be 7-10 pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages, and you should save it as an .rtf file.
Your report should be assembled as follows:
· Title Page (Personal Sales Report, Your Name, Date, and Instructor’s Name)
· Introduction – Explain the type of company or organization for which you are building a sales team and the sales roles that company or organization requires. This discussion should include a brief description of each role/position and the tasks that will be performed in each of those roles.
· Your Sales Team – This section should set forth your rationale for selecting each member for the specific sales role (including the role that you will have in the organization). You should provide as much support and rationale for yourself as you do for the rest of your team members. This rationale should include at a minimum:
· What personal sales functions are covered by each member and why – based upon their skills, experience, personality/attitude and education?
· What are the strengths each person brings to the sales role?
· What are the weaknesses of each person in terms of filling their sales role?
The support and rationale for each member including you must include information provided by the articles, information from their discussion board postings, and your Sales Person interview. Failure to show use of outside resources in your support and rationale will result in a loss of 50 points. You can refer to information found in your textbook as a secondary source of information, but it will not be counted as the required use of outside resources. Use appropriate APA citation for the resources. Please see http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/559/06/ for APA citation help.
· Summary – Discuss the following questions:
· What does this organization still need in terms of selling skills to run a successful company/organization?
· Why do you think this organization is a formula for success with this particular company/organization?
· Would this organization be a good fit for any type of company/organization?
· What did you learn about personal selling by writing this report?
· Reference Page – Use the proper bibliography formatting for all outside sources used in writing your report.
· Appendix – Include the written summary of your Sales Person interview

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