Order Physical Anthropology Assignment

Order Physical Anthropology Assignment
This assignment asks you to answer the questions below, using what you learned from the Darwin’s Rib article, the assigned reading for Week 2 and the Week 2 power point presentation. You might need to do a brief internet search to clarify any terms you do not understand. Use your own words and examples to illustrate your answers. Do not copy the examples from the Darwin’s Rib article!
Read the article “Darwin’s Rib” before you start this assignment (click on the link directly below this assignment link on the course website). Also view the Week 2 Power Points and assigned reading in the Unit 1 Module.
In bullet-point format, please address the following questions:
1. What is Lamarckian inheritance? Explain why this mode of inheritance does not work, using an original example to illustrate your answer (one of your own, not an example from the article).
2. What is Darwin’s understanding of inheritance by Natural Selection? What is the difference between Darwin’s explanation of inheritance by Natural Selection and Lamarckian inheritance? Tell me YOUR understanding of this information. DO NOT copy from the article, the reading or the power points.
3. What is a “sex-linked” trait? Is inheritance of a specific number of pairs of human ribs a sex-linked trait? Explain how this biological fact does not contradict Creationist accounts of the first human parents. DO NOT copy from the article, the reading or the power points.
4. Scientific fact and faith-based belief explain observations in different ways. Are these two approaches mutually incompatible (must we choose one or the other, not both) or can they work together to understand the web of life on our planet? Briefly explain your answer.
5. Conclude your work with a brief paragraph about what you learned from this assignment.
6. Submit your completed assignment by clicking on the Submit Assignment link in the upper right corner of the Assignment page on the course website.
IMPORTANT: Submit your paper as a Word doc or .docx or as .rtf or .pdf file. Canvas does not accept work submitted in .pages or as Google Docs, Google Drive shared documents or as ZIP files. I cannot grade your paper if I cannot open it!
· Type your name (John Doe), the topic (First Assignment) and the due date for this assignment in the top left corner of your paper. DO NOT put anything else at the top of the page.
· No title page, no abstract, no bibliography or source page is needed for this assignment.
· Minimum one full page of text. 1½ to 2 pages is an appropriate length for this assignment.
· Double-spaced, one-inch margins (check your left and right margins!), typed in English, 12-point font.
IMPORTANT: Every student must write his or her own, original paper based on their individual understanding of the topic and written specifically for this class. Do not copy from any source, including the article under reference. Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of “0”.
Grading Rubric
This assignment is worth 10 points: 8 points for content and 2 points for following format directions. The scientific method is grounded in precision and rigid testing format. You will be marked down for incorrect formatting. I am looking for your brief, critical responses, written within specific parameters of style and paragraph topics.
· Excellent work (score 10):
Demonstrates thorough understanding of the topic through specific, detailed discussion, comparison and contrast.
Thorough discussion of all questions in the assignment prompt.
Conclusion is comprehensive and concise.
· Good work (score 8-9):
Demonstrates moderate understanding of the topic through discussion, comparison and contrast but lacks sufficient detail.
Response includes discussion of the topics, but incomplete or difficult to follow the narrative.
Conclusion is adequate but not thorough.
· Adequate work (score 7):
Demonstrates some understanding of the topic but lacks sufficient discussion, details and/or insufficient understanding of research information.
Generic conclusion.
· Inadequate work (score 6):
Little effort was made to complete this assignment.
Inadequate demonstration of having learned anything about the topic.
· Not acceptable work (score 5 or below):
Did not understand the assignment and/or did not complete the assignment.
· Plagiarized work or no assignment submitted: score of “0”
Email me at [email protected] if you have difficulty uploading your assignment.

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