Order Physical Assessment Discussion

Order Physical Assessment Discussion
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Vascular supply to the breast is primarily through branches of which two arteries? Thoracoacromial artery and internal mammary artery.
What is thelarche? The onset of secondary breast development. (during puberty).
The upper arm drains into which area of lymph nodes? Begins in the hand and runs upwards in the axillary direction, reaching the cubital nodes.
what changes occur when axillary lymph nodes are removed. Lymphedema can happen any time after lymph nodes are removed.
The mother of a girl at Tanner stage 2 asks whether her daughter will start menses early. What is the correct response to give this mother? This would be a normal finding to start early. The menstrual cycle normally appears or happens during stage III.
Name the three methods commonly used for ensuring palpation of the entire breast. Chest wall palpation, lymph node palpation and bimanual digital palpation.
What do retractions and dimpling signify? Dimpling of the breast tissue can be a sign of a serious form of cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer. (i.e.) Carcinoma. Dimpling as a sign of breast cancer tends to occur in only one breast. If dimpling affects both breasts, the person probably does not have breast cancer.
A patient who is in her first trimester of pregnancy asks you what changes she should expect in her breasts. What information and important instructions should you give to this patient? Surging hormones and a shift in breast structure mean your nipples and breasts may feel sensitive and tender from as early as three or four weeks.
Describe the appearance of the breasts in postmenopausal women. Three is significant change in size and shape. Low level of estrogen makes the breast tissue to begin to become less elastic and dry.
C reate a chart that compares and contrasts the following conditions:
Fibrocystic disease
Malignant breast tumor
Name the disease of the breast that is a surface manifestation of underlying ductal carcinoma. Paget’s disease of the breast. What is the peak incidence of breast malignancy? During the premenopausal years. 4 Fibrocystic disease 5 Fibroadenoma 6 Malignant breast tumor7 Non-cancerous condition. Occurs in breast. Breast have tendency to feel lumpy. 8 Non-cancerous condition. Occurs in breast. Results in benign tumors, usually found in younger women. (i.e.) 15-35 yrs. 9 Cancerous condition. Occurs in breast. Results in lumps in breast as well as bloody nipple discharge. Change of shape

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