Order pneumonia discussion questions

Order pneumonia discussion questions
A 4-year-old child, who is hospitalized with
pneumonia, tells the nurse, “I got sick because I was
bad. I yelled at my little sister yesterday.” Th e nurse
determines that which of the following is an accurate
explanation for the child’s comment? Th e child is:
1. Trying to get sympathy from the nurse.
2. Exhibiting an example of magical thinking.
3. Making up stories to entertain the nurse.
4. Expressing remorse for having yelled at her sister.
2. A kindergarten child, who has developed a fever
since arriving at school, is resting in the school
nurse’s offi ce. It is 11:30 a.m. Th e child asks, “When
is my mommy going to get me?” Th e nurse knows
that the mother will arrive in approximately 30
minutes. Which is the best response for the nurse to
give to the child? “Your mommy should get here:
1. in about a half hour.”
2. when both hands on the clock reach 12.”
3. when lunch time begins for everyone.”
4. at 12 o’clock noon.”
3. Th e nurse is giving a 5-year-old child a vaccine
injection. Th e child cries loudly during the
procedure. Which of the following interventions
would be appropriate for the nurse to perform aft er
the injection?
1. Advise the child that big children are quiet during
2. Explain to the child why vaccinations are
3. Inform the child that the vaccine was ordered by
the primary health-care provider.
4. Comfort the child and give the child a sticker as a
4. A nurse is preparing to give a 5-year-old child
preoperative teaching for abdominal surgery. Which
of the nurse’s actions is most appropriate?
1. Explain the procedures that the child will
2. Allow the child to dress up in surgical attire.
3. Tell the child why the surgery will make the child
4. Have the child meet another child who has had
5. A nurse is having diffi culty communicating with a
hospitalized 5-year-old child. Which of the following
techniques is appropriate for the nurse to use to
improve communication?
1. Have the child keep a diary of his or her feelings.
2. Read a fairy tale about scary adventures to the
3. Ask the mother to interpret the child’s feelings.
4. Interact with the child through nurse and patie

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