Order sarcopenia assessment help

Order sarcopenia assessment help
Question 180
According to the current European
Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older
People (EWGSOP2) criteria, sarcopenia
is most likely to be present in which of
the following situations?
A. 400 m walk test time greater than four
B. Grip strength less than 27 kg for men
and women
C. Short Physical Performance Battery
score 10 or more
D. Timed Up and Go test 20 seconds or
E. Walking speed, one metre per second
or slower
Question 181
How many long-term health conditions fulfil the National Institute for
Health and Care Excellence definition of
A. two or more
B. three or more
C. four or more
D. five or more
E. six or more
Question 182
Which statement about the assessment
of frailty is correct?
A. a score >4 on PRISMA-7 identifies
B. polypharmacy is considered when the
patient is taking eight or more medications
C. slow walking speed is considered less
than 0.6 m/s
D. the Groningen Frailty Indicator questionnaire is a 15-item frailty questionnaire that is suitable for postal
completion. A score of more than
four indicates the possible presence of
moderate to severe frailty
E. the Timed Up and Go test involves
walking a distance of 4 metres
Question 183
Current European guidelines suggest that the SARC-F test can be used
as a screening tool to help detect people
with sarcopenia. Regarding the SARC-F
test, which of the following statements is
A. a score of zero suggests severe sarcopenia
B. assessment involves carrying a 10 kg
weight across a room
C. it can include CT scan measurements
of psoas muscle diameter, when available
D. it includes a measure of gait speed
E. it includes asking about number of
falls in the last year
Answers for Chapter 7
172 Correct Answer: E
Explanation: Fried identified the frailty
phenotype, and it is defined as having
three or more of the following five criteria: unintentional weight loss, exhaustion, muscle weakness, slowness while
walking and low levels of activity. The
Fried model focuses solely on physical attributes of frailty and possibly is

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