Order Superbowl add Marketing Questions

Order Superbowl add Marketing Questions
Write a multi-paragraphed book report that describes non-fiction printed books and eBooks and gives your opinion about which type of book is easier to use for an online class – an eBook or a printed book. Review the description of non-fiction books
Download non-fiction books and review these examples of non-fiction, printed books
Links to an external site..
Be sure to include both books in a bibliography.
I will review and grade your final essay according to the rubric, and you should consult with me, the class tutor, or the Writing Center tutor for any score that is below 7.
Mandatory Student Learning Outcome (SLO) exercise
Due the same day of the Final Exam
You are required to analyze a television commercial. Go to http://www.superbowl-ads.com/
Links to an external site. (If this does not work, then go to Youtube, and look for the top 10 Super Bowl adds, and just pick and focus on one add. ) Here you will find all Super Bowl commercials and the Top 10 ads of all time. Pick a Super Bowl Ad or Top 10 Ad. You will watch the ad and write a review. MINIMUM of 5 PAGE PAPER.
Television commercials are a specific type of art and they are created to persuade the consumer to buy a specific product. Your analysis must include the following:
Identify the ad and specific product being advertised and describe the ad completely.
Discuss the message being conveyed.
What does the message appeal to?
What does the ad show, people, products, scenery, etc?
What is not discussed about the product?
What image is portrayed?
Is it true to life or puffery?
Is the ad a slice-of-life, fear, humor, sex, or other type of ad?
Who is in the ad, if a star, what image does he or she portray?
What s the mood of the ad, colors used, music played?
Is the ad memorable?
Would you buy the product being advertised, why or why not?
Be sure to include your opinion (have a specific point of view, love it or hate it) ab

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