Order the quality ethics connection

Order the quality ethics connection
List and briefly explain:
a. The dimensions of service quality
b. The determinants of quality
2. Define the terms quality of design and quality of conformance.
3. What are some possible consequences of poor quality?
4. Use the dimensions of quality to describe typical characteristics of these products and services:
a. A television set
b. A restaurant meal (product)
c. A restaurant meal (service)
d. Painting a house
e. Surgery and postsurgery care
5. Many product reviews are available on the internet. Two examples are reviews on electronics
products such as DVD players and high-definition televisions. There are often both positive and
negative reviews.
a. Do such reviews (positive and negative) influence your purchasing decisions? Why or why not?
b. Why do you suppose consumers take the time and effort to write such reviews?
c. There is often a feedback button asking if you found the review helpful. Do you usually
respond? Why or why not?
6. Describe the quality–ethics connection.
7. Select one of the quality gurus and briefly describe his major contributions to quality management.
8. a. What is ISO 9000, and why is it important for global businesses to have ISO 9000 certification?
b. Compare the Baldrige Award and ISO certification. If an organization were going to seek both,
which one should it seek first? Why?
9. Briefly explain how a company can achieve lower production costs and increase productivity by
improving the quality of its products or services.
10. What are the key elements of the TQM approach? What is the driving force behind TQM?
11. Briefly describe each of the seven quality tools.
12. Briefly define or explain each of these tools:
a. Brainstorming
b. Benchmarking
c. Run charts
13. Explain the plan-do-study-act cycle.
14. List the steps of problem solving.
15. Select four tools and describe how they could be used in problem solving.
16. List the steps of process improvement.
17. Select four tools and describe how they could be used for process improveme

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