Organizations responsible for addressing workplace trauma

Are organizations responsible for addressing workplace trauma and its impact on productivity? 
Yes. The organization’s human resource team should be at the forefront to address workplace trauma. Workplace trauma is experienced when an employee feels unsafe or extremely distrusted within an organization’s premises. Through the human resource team, an organization should assist employees suffering from workplace trauma by assisting them to feel safe while in the organization’s workplace. Again, the human resource team should empower employees and motivate them to stay positive when undertaking their duties. Apart from the human resource team, other employees should also listen to the problems of traumatized colleagues and advise them appropriately. Notably, an organization should implement a program to boost employee’s working morale to avoid workplace stress and trauma. 
How should managers communicate with employees who have experienced or are experiencing personal trauma? 
Managers should approach the traumatized employees politely and address their problems at a personal level. Again, managers should fit themselves into the traumatized employee’s shoes by showing that they deeply understand their colleague’s needs. Notably, managers should not criticize traumatized employee’s actions or judge them negatively. Managers need to focus on listening to employee’s needs and give them enough time to express their feelings experiences and explain how they would like their problem to be addressed. Importantly, managers should not take any of the traumatized employee’s feelings lightly because it might be the one leading to severe trauma. 

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