Pain and comfort | Nursing homework help

1.        Read chapter 27 in your text: “Pain and comfort,” provide a summary of what  has been written regarding pain in the older adult population.
2.       Identify factors that affect the pain experience in older adults. 
3.       Identify barriers that interfere with pain assessment treatment.
4.       Address the key components of a nursing assessment and data to include in a pain assessment.
5.       Discuss pharmacological and nonpharmacological pain management therapies.
6.       Discuss how the gerontological nurse can develop a care plain to care for an older adult with pain. 
How can the geriatric nurse help to advocate and improve the care of older adults as it relates to pain management including nursing interventions or 
teaching and education using evidence-based research.
F.       Minimum of 5-6 references are required for this assignment. Example of an article on this topic:

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